Since 1987 held most types of courses within SBK (Swedish Workingdog Club), from puppy to different types of competition courses. Today, she holds most courses in search, obedience, tracking and retriever hunting.

Education and experience – Working / Obedience: 1990 – SBK-Instructor. 1997 – “SBK teacher” (educates SBK instructors).

1990 – Competition leader within SBK. 2005 – “SBK Judge”; (may judge all classes obedience and working except the “protection dog” group).

Educated and competed six dogs for Swedish working champion (or as it is now called Swedish track / search / report champion) and three dogs for Swedish obedience champion. Has competed at the Swedish Championship several times (with four different dogs) in tracking, reporting, search and obedience. Read more about the dogs’ respective qualifications here (only in Swedish, sorry).

Education and experience – Hunting: Test leader and graduated WT judge within the SSRK organization (Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club). Arranges and acts as a test leader for B-tests and WT and judges unofficial B-tests and WT.

B-test: Trained and started six dogs at least 1st prize elite class B-test. Five dogs have achieved hunting champion titles; one Swedish JCh, two also became Norwegian JCh and two have become Nordic JCh. In addition to the Nordic JCH, Waternuts Caleigh also received the Danish Working champion title (one of very few Swedish retrievers who received a hunting champion title in all four Nordic countries!)

A-test: Started elite class (SE, DK, FI) with four dogs (one for Certificate in Winning class, DK, two for 1st prize SE and one for 2nd prize SE). 2nd placed at the Swedish Flatcoated Retriever championship in 2016.

Championship: Has won the Swedish Flatcoated Championship in elite class (1997 + 2012), Youth Class (2004) and has been in the final in elite class several times. Won the Norwegian Retriever Championship / Young Dog (2008), 3rd in the Norwegian Retriever Championship (master class) 2012. Won the Swedish Labrador Championship 2012. Won the Norwegian Retriever Championship Veteran 2015. In the Swedish team for Flatcoated Retriever at Nordic Championship 2010 – 2018. Once started on the Swedish Retriever Championship (2010) and once on the Nordic Retriever Championship (2016/team). Started twice at the IWT. Won the Finnish WT-championship for FCR 2019.

Continuously participates as picking-up on various hunts.