Janne is an enthusiastic hunter since early teens with great experience as hunter and dog handler on both bird- and deer/moose hunting. Bought his first flatcoat in the early 1990s as a pure picking-up dog for the Åland spring hunting on seabirds.

Education and experience – Hunting: Is a test leader in the Finnish retriever club and has arranged both B-tests and Flatcoated championships in Åland.

B-test: Trained and started three dogs for the elite class B-test. One received a 1st prize and many 2nd and 3rd prices, one became a Nordic Hunting Champion (one of very few Finnish flatcoats that has become NORD JCH). The current bitch (Sonja) has so far several 1st prizes in the elite class.

A-test: Started elite class (SE, FI) with two dogs (both to 1st prize SE). 2nd placed at the Swedish Flatcoated Championship in 2018.

Championship: Has won the Finnish Flatcoated championship in elite class (2014 & 2019) and open class (2017), has been in the championship final several times. Started in both the Swedish and the Finnish Retriever Championship. Participated in the Finnish team at the Nordic Championship for FCR 5 times (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018).

Continuously participates as picking-up on various hunts.